How to diversify your sex life: 4 proven ways

It’s important to understand that intimacy and is an integral part of your relationship. And you cannot build a healthy relationship if there is dissatisfaction in sex.

First of all, I want to appeal to the girls, this often occurs against the backdrop that you yourself do not know your erogenous zones, you do not know what makes you feel good. Because you are afraid to explore your body. But you genuinely expect your partner to do it for you. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t want to shift the responsibility for your pleasure to the other person. Hence the conclusion: start exploring yourself on your own.

There’s another big problem – people don’t know how to talk to their partner about sex. They are afraid, they are shy, they think that the partner may somehow misunderstand, hurt the other person’s feelings. But this is fundamentally wrong. You need to talk. Only through communication you can learn the wishes, to understand what you like or what you do not need. Learn to accept criticism.

If you know your body and know how to talk to your partner, but the dissatisfaction remains, I offer you the following options to solve this problem.

Way #1: Make time for passionate sex

Yes, I understand, in our frantic pace of life we don’t always have time for our pleasure, sometimes people have sex for appearance, ticks or spousal duty. But it is necessary to warm up. Change the place where you meet: if you have been together for 10 years, I’m sure that your bedroom is already pretty boring to you. Get a beautiful hotel room, with a Jacuzzi, leave the kids at grandma’s and devote the night just to yourself, disconnect from all the problems. And do this practice more often. Go away and change places for intimate encounters. This method will add fire to your relationship.

Method #2: Role-playing

A great option to get out of the boring and banal sex. Here everything is limited only by the flight of your imagination. Think about who you want to be at least for one night. This process inspires and excites you from the very beginning, starting with how you and your partner discuss who you will be tonight. Then the preparation and the process itself. This method will definitely bring newness to your bed. Here you will not only have fun, but also be able to have a hearty laugh, have fun, which will further strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Method #3. Use sex toys

I never get tired of repeating that sex toys are not just for singles or for those who have problems achieving orgasm. First and foremost it is your variety. I can give you a hundred percent guarantee that even your man will enjoy giving you pleasure with these toys. There is a large selection on the market right now.

Method #4. Consult a specialist

This point I added the last item for a reason. From my experience, I say that the issue of your sexual frustration can be resolved by the first three items. But there are exceptions where there are psychological traumas from childhood or adolescence, where you already need the help of a professional.

And finally, do not think that this problem will solve itself. Only your desire will lead you to victory. Be desirable, sexy, fill yourself with energy, let your intimate life constantly play with bright colors.