Sex as science: 5 facts about pleasure

As Barbara Wilson, a neurologist and MD, once said, “There is nothing in the world more pleasurable, accessible, low-calorie and yet physically healthy than sex and” Today we propose to abstract away from psychology, cultural patterns operating in society and the topic of relationships to consider 5 facts about sex that scientifically explain what intimacy is good for. 

Fact 1: Human sexual behavior is very different from animal behavior

As researchers assure, sexual behavior has been given to humans in draft alpha mode with a huge number of bugs. Moreover, we can talk about sexual behavior as a kind of global experiment of evolution, which is still far from being complete.

For example, nowadays humans are the only species with several systems of mating behavior at once – polygamy, monogamy, polygamy, polygyny, etc. This is due to the fact that, thanks to a dramatic evolutionary leap, humans have been removed from the influence of natural selection. As a result, it is the knowledge we acquire in life, rather than genetic information, that has come to the forefront of our choice of mate. At the same time, polygamy (Tibet) or monogamy (Europe) were formed in different countries, under the influence of various social and geographical factors. 

How else does human sexual behavior differ from that of animals?

  1. Females are the only species of female mammals capable of continuing sexual activity uninterrupted from the time of their puberty. 
  2. Females are also the only species that have no outward signs of ovulation. Moreover, without the aid of special laboratory tests a woman herself does not know when she is ovulating. 

Fact 2: Feelings during sex can be measured in currency

Economists David Blanchflower of Dartmouth College and Andrew Oswald of Warwick University in England surveyed 16,000 people about their sexual activity and sense of financial well-being. The results showed that people who made love at least once a week, estimated the pleasure and the feeling of happiness at least 50 thousand dollars. Moreover, scientists have calculated that a prosperous and long-lasting marriage is equated by most people on the “happiness scale” to an additional income of not less than $100,000 annually. 

Fact 3: Regular sex prolongs youthfulness and improves physical health

Duke University researchers followed 252 people for 25 years to try to identify factors that contribute to youthfulness. Among other factors, the researchers also took into account the frequency of intercourse and the pleasure derived from it. In the end, they found that in the case of men, regular sex increased longevity. In the case of women, the number did not play a particular role, while the fairer sex, enjoying sexual intercourse, felt significantly better and more confident than other respondents. 

Another example of another study in this direction can be the scientific experiment of gynecologist Dudley Chapman, who showed that students of Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, who were sexually active, had higher levels of immunoglobulin A than other classmates. 

Fact 3: The “sore head” problem is not about sex, but about the quality of sex

It has been scientifically proven that orgasm can get rid of certain types of pain. In particular, researchers Beverly Whipple and Barry Komiseruka proved that women who regularly have orgasms more easily endure such diseases as arthritis and arthritis. This is due to the fact that during intercourse, the level of oxytocin in the body increases, which in turn releases endorphins that relieve pain, including migraines. In general, scientists are sure that sexual pleasure helps no worse than pills, at the same time it is cheaper and has no side effects. 

Fact 5: The duration of sex matters

Not so long ago, experts conducted an experiment that showed that if the intercourse lasts less than 10 minutes, then the partners eventually feel tired, often they fall into prostration, they do not want to do anything except lie down. When making love for more than 10 minutes, the exact opposite is observed. The body goes into a mode of intense work, begins to save heartbeats, tries in every possible way to accumulate and restore strength. 

Of course, some of the above facts may seem ridiculous and frivolous to you. But if you sit down and think about them seriously, it becomes clear that scientifically speaking, sex is a useful and healthy activity that helps us live longer, look and feel better.